Benjamin Good Notebook plains
Kind Title Media Date
Image Reorganized Flag pencil 2022
Image British Composition pencil 2022
Image Spain Drawings pencil 2022
Image Bernoulli's Principle pencil 2022
Image Shaker Composition pencil 2022
Image Architecture Passive House pencil, pen 2022
Image Sticks pencil 2022
Image Recycle digital 2022
Image Two Stones pencil 2022
Image Evanstoniana pencil 2022
Object Perch Post wood 2022
Image Object Birdhouses pencil, pen 2022
Object Dog Crate wood, steel 2022
Object Vase for Cole wood 2022
Text Thank God text 2022
Image Architecture Dempster Fruit Stand pen 2022
Object Stool V wood 2022
Object Wooden Weapon wood 2022
Object Bench I wood, steel 2022
Object Woodturning Projects wood 2022
Image The Firmament II pencil 2022
Text Accidents text 2022
Object Stool IV wood 2022
Object Postcard II printed 2022
Image One-Sided Composition china-marker, plastic 2022
Image Awe and Fear printed, paper 2022
Object Holiday Card, 2021 printed 2021
Image Shelf for Everything You Own pencil, pen 2021
Image Two Porches china-marker 2021
Image Flags pencil 2021
Object Paper Study paper 2021
Object Manila Vase paper 2021
Image Bunny in Blue digital 2021
Architecture Leland wood, steel, pencil, marker 2021
Image The Horse and the Ram china-marker 2021
Image Object Variations on Offence pencil, plastic, steel 2021
Image U+131E5 pencil 2021
Image Traumhaus pastel 2021
Text Sometimes text 2021
Image Gent Sint-Pieters pen 2021
Text Catch text 2021
Image Fountains pencil, pen 2021
Text About My Name text 2021
Image petit déjeuner pencil 2021
Image Four K pencil 2021
Image Two-Egg Twins pen, pastel 2021
Image Nostalgic Compositions marker 2021
Image Photography Monument to My Father and Fathers like him digital, pencil 2021
Image Summer Seating pencil, pen, pastel 2021
Image Gent-Porto pen, marker 2021
Image Brick Box pencil, marker 2021
Image Object Utility Field digital, colored-pencil, steel, plastic 2021
Web digital 2021
Image Object The Firmament pencil, paint, china-marker, wood, digital 2021
Web digital 2021
Object The Mathematically Ideal Chair wood, digital 2020
Object Stool III wood 2020
Object Stool II wood 2020
Object Stool I wood 2020
Architecture Carport paper, plastic, aluminum, digital 2019
Object Noticing Exercise printed, paper 2019
Object Shelf for a Friend digital 2019
Image Architecture Architecture 11A pencil, paper 2017